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Yearly Archives: 2017

Five stunning lakes to visit in Tuscany

Discover the natural beauty of the stunning and idyllic, Tuscany. Lakes are often tranquil, uncrowded and are arguably the true hidden gems of Italy. Cool down and enjoy a day at the freshwater oasis, surrounded by exquisite views, rolling hills and flourishing gardens,  the perfect place to relax on your well-deserved holiday.

Pink flamingo which can be spotted near our Italian Villas.


Delicious and authentic produce, grown in the heart of Italy

Umbria is a foodie’s dream, and much of what they eat is made using produce either foraged from woodlands, grown or raised locally. They rely heavily on fresh, seasonal ingredients to make their rustic and traditional dishes. We’ve had a look at some of the delicious food that is famously produced there, which you can sample on your next visit.

Extra virgin olive oil made near our luxury hotels, Umbria.