Watch Locorontondo light up in fireworks competition

The 16th of August will see a firework competition held in Locorotondo, celebrating their patron Saint, San Rocco.

Most towns in Puglia have their very own patron saint, believed to be their protectors, and the villages hold celebrations and religious events in their honour. The 5 day events include food and wine festivities during the day, with the fireworks being the most spectacular of all on the final evening.

fireworks competition in Puglia


Locorotondo is a beautiful hillside town located in Puglia, overlooking the Valle d’Itria, noted as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The name Locorotondo means ‘round place’; this comes from the way their houses are arranged in a circular manner around the narrow streets. With a mass of countryside and vineyards, it is also known for its wine production and fruitful green views. A village of such uniqueness, it unsurprisingly also holds a lot of historic culture.

In this final event renowned fireworks specialists compete in a pyrotechnics competition, promising an incredible show that both locals and visitors are sure to enjoy. Although the event does not make an entrance until midnight, it is most certainly a show not to be missed as Locorotondo lights up. The show is only a very short distance from our Puglia villas near Martina Fraca and Santa Lucia.

Puglia and its visitors cannot wait to see the sky light up with these fantastic fireworks!

Images: Maf04 under Creative Commons