Tuscany celebrates a local delicacy with its Wild Boar Festival

Once a year, the Tuscan town of Suvureto celebrates one of its favourite local delicacies, the wild boar, with its very own festival, which is currently underway until December 8.

Celebrate the Wild Boar Festival in Suvureto at our Tuscany villas

The festival not only pays homage to the town’s medieval history, but also people’s relentless appetite, with people celebrating by wearing traditional costume and gorging on fresh, local Italian food.

During the festival, you’ll see men, women and children of all ages dressed in traditional medieval costume, not only walking the streets but also playing medieval games such as “pin the sword on the knight’s shoulder” – a true celebration of times gone by in this quaint Tuscan town.

While you’ll be able to indulge on the local culinary delights throughout the duration of the festival, you’ll want to leave room for the final day, when the grand feast takes place. The main meal is, of course, wild boar, accompanied by locally made olive oil, select Tuscan honey and a glass or few of wine. With both young and old getting together to enjoy the best of the local produce, this event makes for a great precursor to the Christmas season, and is a perfect way to gain an insight into the Italian way of life while staying at our Tuscany villas.

Image: PJeganathan, available under Creative Commons