Things to Do in Alberobello

Known for their architecturally beautiful conical roofed houses, the quaint, charming hilltop town of Alberobello is an idyllic place to visit when in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy.  Although the picturesque town is relatively small, with around 10,000 people calling it home, there is an abundance of things to do in the UNESCO World Heritage site. Read on to discover some of the things you can partake in while visiting this town!

Wander the Trulli Streets

One of the main reasons people visit Alberobello is to wander the quaint trulli streets. The first of the houses were built in the 1500s and have continued to expand in numbers since. There are two main areas in which you can discover the stunning structures; Monti and Aja Piccola. Monti is the larger of the two and is more popular with tourists, boasting over 1,000 trulli. Many of these are occupied by shops, so you can pick up some authentic Italian souvenirs! Aja Piccola is the smaller of the two areas and is less touristy, but still possesses 500 trulli. There are a handful of walking tours you can take, or simply spend a morning or afternoon wandering through either area for a mesmerising experience.

trulli rooftops in Alberobello

Visit the Weekly Market

Lining the streets of Barsento, every Thursday, the open-air market takes place from 7.30 AM to 12.30 PM. Full of fresh fruits, vegetables, olives and more, pick up some local produce to rustle up something in your villa in Puglia! Usually, the local shops close on Thursdays, so bear this in mind!

Go for a Picnic

Once you’ve spent the morning wandering through the market, ensure to pick up some fresh fruit, focaccia and cheese, and make your way to a picturesque spot for a picnic. Alberobello is a truly stunning location, and we’d recommend heading out into the countryside to enjoy the sites and bask in the beauty of the town.

Picnic consisting of focaccia and antipasti

Feast on the Local Delicacy

The quirky town is home to some world-class restaurants serving up some authentic Italian treats. Many of the restaurants situated here in Alberobello grow their produce on site, where they rustle up some homegrown Italian dishes. The local delicacy in Alberobello is the Bombette di Alberobello. Made up of rolls of pork meat filled with caciocavallo cheese, salami and seasoned to perfection; these can be found in many of these restaurants.

Partake in an Authentic Italian Cooking Class

When in Italy, take a cooking class! There are a number of classes you can get involved in, where you’ll have the opportunity to cook up a storm. Puglia is known for orecchiette, which consists of only a few ingredients and is perfectly paired with a chunky Ragu. Orecchiette is one of the dishes which is made during many of these cooking classes, as well as focaccia, the famous Italian bread!

Visit the Trullo Museum

Expand your knowledge and learn about the history and culture of Alberobello. The trullo museum is a rich source of local history. Here, you can discover how the charming trulli houses were built, the period in which they were built in, as well as exploring the symbolism of the architecturally beautiful houses!

We hope that these things to do in Alberobello have encouraged you to make a visit to the picturesque town, it’s a must visit on an itinerary to the region of Puglia. Whether you decide to spend a few days discovering the quaint town or just opt for a day trip, our range of villas in Puglia are the perfect base for your trip! If you’re visiting Puglia in the summer or in the winter, our blog is full of ideas for you to make the most of your Italian trip!