The perfect Italian holiday

Helen writes: I’m trying to keep focused and enter property information onto our new database which will drive our up-dated website (coming shortly). The problem is however, that with entering all this data, my mind wanders to how many fantastic properties we work with and makes me revisit all the thoughts I had when initially visiting them.

As many of you already know, our criteria for choosing a property is: ‘would we like to stay there ourselves?’ – if the answer to this question is ‘yes’, the property makes it onto the site. All told, we visit and reject far more than we accept each year.

So when making the initial visit to a property I always run through in my head who one might like to stay there with; girl friends for a weekend? husband? lover? (not that I’ve got one, but you’ve got to consider all options right?)…

So for every two properties I add, I find myself checking flights out for various occasions: for May half term for the family in Tuscany Ai Cedri is ideal; a weekend away with husband in June to La Mandranova in Sicily would be very romantic; for a girlie weekend in September we could go to Petra Segreta (the spa is wonderful); and perhaps a few days away for our very tired web designers, Fattoria La Loggia would be just the ticket (lovely steep climbs to cycle up and forget all about the hard graft involved to get the new site up and running); and of course not forgetting our annual summer getaway to Sardinia and the fabulous Casa Wasa.

So, the reason for this post is mainly to explain to our dedicated web designers why some of this information is taking a while to load up: I keep getting distracted by all the great properties we have!