The Food of Puglia

Every region of Italy is proud of its cuisine. Puglia rightly so. Super fresh produce and recipes handed down over the generations.

Focaccia – the most popular street food served warm with olive oil and various toppings such as onions, aubergines, cheese, olives and many more.

Friselle – crunchy taralle baked until toasted and served with tomato, garlic, oil and salt.

Orecchiette con cima di rapa – handmade ear-shaped pasta served with turnip tops, garlic and oil.

Linguine ai ricci – long pasta perfectly cooked mixed with fresh sea-urchins, garlic and parsley.

Pasticciotto – Small cakes that originate from the Salento filled with cream.

5  local wines to taste



Nero di Troia


Greco Bianco