Sarah’s top 10 reasons to visit beautiful Sardinia in June


  1. The sea is the most amazing turquoise colour… all to do with the warm air hitting the cold currents
  2. The beaches are deserted, just choose a different one each day and laze in total peace and quiet
  3. The temperature is glorious – not too hot and not too cool
  4. Schools have not broken up
  5. The wild flowers are stunning in the green countryside
  6. The air first thing in the morning has a “fizz” to it… the perfect start to the day
  7. The summer season hasn't really got going yet, so restaurants and shops are VERY pleased to see you!
  8. The grapevines – that cover so much of the island – have vibrant green shoots growing so fast, you can almost see them
  9. You might see the dolphins between Sardinia and the Archipelago of La Maddalena… a rare treat
  10. Last year's wine has matured enough for drinking – hurrah!