Rome’s Colosseum reaches top 10 Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

In order to celebrate 40 years of being a leading authority in the global travel guide business, Lonely Planet are to bring out a book documenting their final verdict on the places that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. Titled the ‘Ultimate Travel List’, the book sets out to bring readers “mega-sights and hidden gems in a definitive wish life of the 500 best places to visit on Earth”.

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The book has been ten years in the making, with a host of top travel writers and experts coming together to rank “the most compelling places in the world”. Billed as “the only bucket list you’ll ever need”, each of the 500 entries is brought to life with photos and descriptive write-ups.

Before the release of the much-awaited book, Lonely Planet have released the top 20 global destinations to the press, which include one very prominent Italian landmark – the Colosseum.

Ranked the eighth best place to visit on Earth, the Colosseum is the best-known remnant of the Roman Empire – a grand amphitheatre which once used to entertain the masses with brutal gladiator battles, situated in the heart of Rome.

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Image: hjjanisch, available under Creative Commons