4 Romantic Destinations in Italy for Valentine’s Day

Are you and your partner planning a romantic Valentine’s Day get-away together to Italy but are still undecided on which region is best suited for you? Our guide of the most romantic destinations gives you an insight into the area, as well as the attractions of interests and some activities that you can get up to while you’re there.

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Puglia – Food and Drink

Puglia is the destination for couples who are looking to enjoy long lunches of traditional and sumptuous Italian food and some of the finest wine from the country. Although Puglia’s bright-white coastline and whitewashed villages do attract many visitors to the area, it is the gastronomic delights that are the main draw. Puglia, Italy’s boot, boasts a Mediterranean climate and coast, it produces an abundance of fresh and sun grown foods, from tomatoes of all colours, figs, mozzarella and of course, pasta and olive oil. Along the large stretch of coastline, you will discover historical fishing towns and villages which still to this day, bring in a plentiful catch. On the menu at the local restaurants and cafes, you are sure to be served some of the freshest and finest from the days fishing. Spend your time away on Valentine’s day with your loved one, enjoying the most authentic Italy food and drink that you are likely to try!

a couple in Puglia.

Umbria – Hilltop Towns and Rolling Green Hills

Many couples who visit Italy go to see the famous sights, the leaning tower of Pisa, the David Statue by Michelangelo or the canals of Venice, but, for an authentic and real experience of the country, Umbria is the destination. Coined as the ‘green heart of Italy’, the landscape is encaptivating, with undulating green hills as far as the eye can see, dotted with ancient olive groves and vineyards. Spend your Valentine’s Day in the Italian countryside, strolling around one of the many rural and historical hilltop towns such as Todi or Bevagna, pop into the quirky museums and break up your day up with stops involving sumptuous foods.

hilltop town in Umbria.

Tuscany – History and Culture

Not only is Tuscany a paradise for nature lovers, with an abundance of national parks and a gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, it is also home to some of the most significant monuments in the whole of Italy. The streets of Florence entice visitors’ year after year, with the main attractions being the recognisable and stunning Santa Maria, the Palazzo Pitta, the Uffizi Gallery and Italy’s most famous and photographed bridges, the Ponte Vecchio. Florence has been a cultural hub since medieval times, and the wealth of the occupants and the concentration of architecture, art and history make it a captivating a romantic destination for your Valentine’s Day get-away.

 Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy.

Sardinia – Coast

Sardinia is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. The coastline that encaptivates the island stretches over 1000 miles, with each bay or beach equally as charming as the next. The islands peninsula’s, hidden and untouched coves, golden sands and untamed beaches make it the top destination for those of you who are looking to visit some of the best beaches in the whole of Italy. For couples who want to spend their Valentine’s break hopping from one beach to the next, Sardinia is the place to be. They are much less crowded than the mainland, and many are backed only by sand dunes, giving visitors an uninterrupted and surrounding view of all that nature has to offer. Browse our selection of villas in Sardinia with a pool, so you can take a refreshing dip together when you return from your beach excursions!

beach in Sardinia.

Which region is most suited for you and your partner during your Valentine’s Day celebrations? Let us know via our social media channels, we would love to hear from you!