6 of the Best Restaurants in Bari

Those wanting to explore Italy off the beaten track and experience an authentic Pugliese way of life would be hard-pressed to find a city more suitable than Bari. Aside from the plethora of things to see and do, Bari is a haven for foodies and there are numerous restaurants serving fine Italian food, utilising the freshest local ingredients and demonstrating what the Italian’s do so well, which is cuisine. We’ve explored some of our favourite restaurants in the city for you to check out during your holiday in our villas in Puglia. Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting for a romantic date or a family-friendly establishment with a diverse kid’s menu, there’s something for every purpose, budget and dietary requirement listed below.

Ristorante Ai Due Ghiottoni

Located on a quiet street just in from the harbour, this restaurant has a variety of vegetables and fish that is cooked according to the Pugliese cuisine. The family-owned restaurant has been running for forty years, and a passion and love for cooking is what helps them create surprisingly simple dishes that explode with flavour from the very first bite. They pride themselves on using only the very best local produce to create an authentic taste of Puglia in every dish, with highlights including the risotto ai du ghiottoni, served with spinach, cream, ham and parmesan as well as the oven-cooked salted bass fish. Each wine is carefully-selected to pair with foods, and the friendly waiters will be more than happy to recommend variations as per your food choices – a fantastic option for a sophisticated date night.


Ristorante Bacco

Fresh fish and shellfish lovers, this one’s for you, as Ristorante Bacco serves some of the freshest seafood Puglia has to offer. It has impeccable service and every single dish is delightfully presented to look, smell and taste divine. The eatery focuses on the celebration of natural flavourings, working the food for maximum taste without the excessive manipulation that is all-too prevalent in some modern cuisines. Located close to the seafront, this Michelin star restaurant is the perfect fine-dining option for a special occasion.

Ristorante Casablanca

For many, the first thing they think of when it comes to Italian food is pizza and indulging on the classic doughy delight is all but a must during your holiday in Italy. This family-friendly establishment cooks a diverse range of pizza in the wood-fired oven to create a unique taste that is incomparable to anything you’ve had before. The simple, refined pizzas are sure to satisfy even the most demanding of palates, making this place perfect for a family meal out after a full day of exploring Bari.

Seafood pasta dish in Bari


The first Japanese restaurant in Bari does not disappoint when it comes to this increasingly popular cuisine and is well-liked by both tourists and locals alike. Asian classics including tempura, sushi, sashimi and any number of noodle dishes are available on the extensive menu which can accommodate an array of dietary requirements. The modern interior of black-and-red suits the trendy nature of sushi and Japanese food and this is a fantastic spot to refuel for the entire family, providing a welcome break from the carb-heavy nature of Italian food.

Pizzeria Enzo e Ciro

One of the most celebrated pizzerias’ in Bari, and with good reason, this cheap and cheerful eatery serves the best pizza around alongside a range of other dishes. The interior may seem a little dated, but that’s only because of its ever-increasing popularity in recent years. Ensure you book a table if you hope to visit during your holiday as it is always busy but, if anything, that’s just a testament to how good the pizza really is!

Restaurant in Bari

Al Sorso Preferito

Located in the heart of the city centre in a traditional building, Al Sorso Preferito provides the perfect opportunity for you to sample some of the local delicacies that Puglia is known for. Notably, you can try the ‘orecchiette alle fave’ which is a typical kind of homemade pasta served with broad beans, or ‘cicoria’ and ‘cime di rape and cavatelli’, both types of Pugliese homemade pasta served with a fresh seafood sauce. With a welcoming atmosphere just a few steps from the splendid promenade, this eatery is sure to provide a fantastic dining experience for all, ideal for celebrating the final night of your holiday.

That concludes our list of favourite restaurants to visit during your time in Bari, be it a day trip or if you’re staying in one of our villas nearby. Do you have a favourite restaurant here? We’d love to hear about via the comments on our social media channels! If you are heading to Puglia this summer, check out our recent blog post Summer in Puglia for more inspiration on some of the best things to check out while you’re there.