The Puglian Towns You Need to Visit

The region of Puglia is simply dreamy; with stretches of golden sand following the curve of the Mediterranean coastline, in addition to the whitewashed towns nestled on the hillsides, it is the perfect destination for your next Italian getaway. Fortunately for those of you who are currently lusting after another holiday, there are a number of different towns for you to explore, all offering something slightly different. So, before you decide which of our villas in Puglia with a pool you would like to stay in, take a look at which of these locations should be top of your list to visit!A Staircase in the town of Locorotondo



There are a number of reasons why Alberobello is the place to go if you’re looking to experience authentic Puglian heritage. However, as a designated UNESCO heritage site, we believe visiting to wander amongst the Trulli should be somewhere near the top! The white conical structures that line the streets are synonymous with the area, and Alberobello was once composed entirely of these structures. In addition to gazing at the Trulli, there is a myriad of other things for you to see and do in the town, including exploring museums and picking up souvenirs from one of the any gift shops littered along the streets.


Of course, areas of Alberobello have been commercialised for the tourist trade, so in these areas you will find a number of shops, restaurants and bars. Rione Monti is one of these areas, and resembles a modern town centre. The sloping streets are the perfect place to spend an afternoon wandering around, with the locals all offering you different experiences. The prices for these will not be too expensive and can sometimes offer insight to Trulli’s if you’re not currently staying in one.



If you’re looking for a hidden gem amongst the Puglian countryside, then Locorotondo should be top of your list of places to visit. Unspoilt and untouched, the town has not been updated to keep up with the hoards of tourists that descend upon the region each year. It is because of this that Locorotondo is a location that you’re going to fall in love with. The whitewashed buildings sit on narrow streets, with the sun seeping between gaps in the buildings, casting a golden light over the town.


There are a number of reasons why you should visit the town. The hillside location provides panoramic views of the sweeping countryside,  with the best offered from the top of the town, while the beautiful churches display intricate architecture for you to admire.



Dotted along the coastline are a host of beaches just waiting to be explored. However, the town of Otranto is up there with one of the nicest stretches of sand, and the picturesque port makes for a lovely day out. There are a number of reasons why it should be on your bucket list for Puglian travel, with a vibrant history, breathtaking architecture and crystal clear waters, you’ll be wanting to return in no time.


The cathedral is the must-see destination here, dating back to the Roman’s. Inside the walls, paintings on a large-scale depict biblical stories, as well as those of times gone by (think King Arthur and Alexander the Great). Additionally, the seafront has a number of fantastic eateries for you to sample, all with incredible views out over the sea.


Polignano a Mare

The tiny town of Polignano a Mare is the perfect setting for a day out; whether you’re looking for a romantic day trip or somewhere to explore on foot with friends, you’ll sure to be enchanted by the quaint details that it has to offer. The town has a number of terraces which give you 360 degree views of the Adriatic Sea while the coastline has coves and caves ready for you to explore. Thought to be one of the most noteworthy sites in the region due to it dating back hundreds of years, you can expect to stumble upon a rich heritage and important history while visiting the town.