Porto Rafael update 2009


Sarah writes: Autumn is the busiest time for a bit of building and maintenance work here in Porto Rafael. Helped along this year by the fantastic Autumn weather, there has been lots of activity to keep me interested on my early morning walks around the labyrinth of small roads and lanes that make up Porto Rafael.


Gardens, roads, villas and apartments are all receiving some loving care. For those regular ‘Porto Rafaelites’ who may be interested in what is happening, here is a brief update:

After much prolonged work, the B&B plus restaurant in Raphael’s original house down on the square by the sea was finally completed and there was a grand opening in July; some fine tuning is now being undertaken ensuring an early opening for the summer season 2010.

Villa Nina is to be renamed as Villa Ortensia. It will soon be back on our website after a huge renovation plan. The villa has been totally gutted and there will be some interesting new contemporary features mixed with some of the original pieces. Under-floor heating will mean that feet will always be warm on the beautiful marble floors in the cooler months.

Casa Gallo will have two new bathrooms; the original ones have been completely revamped sadly destroying the lovely Cerasarda tiles that were the height of fashion in the 60’s but that means the bathrooms will be brand new.

La Torretta perhaps one of our most popular villas due to its proximity to the sea, is having a little work done on its twin bedroom downstairs. For those of you that know it, the door is to become a window which enables us to use the beds as two twins or as single double.

Rosetta after the total success of cutting down all the bushes and shrubs in the garden in front of the terrace to ground level, the gardener continues to battle with nature and keep it all low. Great for the views not only from the terrace but also from bed.

Casa Rei the already fantastic terrace has been enlarged (new photos coming soon) and the entrance gate will be moved from the side of the property to the front eliminating those last few steps that prove somewhat difficult when transporting suitcases. Or crates of wine.

At Elena there is talk about making the window in the lounge much larger so that the stunning view may be enjoyed from inside as well as from the terrace. Not sure whether the planning rules will allow this but will be great for all future guests should it come off.

There is also talk about a roundabout being built at the bottom of the hill where the Porto Rafael road meets the main road into Palau. This is at the planning division with the local council. Personally I will believe it when I see it.

I’ll keep you posted on any other works that may be undertaken during the winter months. Wind and rain has hampered progress for the last few days and Sardinian workmen are not fond of getting wet so work has currently ground to a halt. Harry closed the bar on 9 November – a sad moment as always – I feel that he was only open to ensure that I could have a cappuccino, a quick glance of the paper and an all-important run down of local gossip on a daily basis. I am already looking forward to him re-opening for Easter. That’s only 16 weeks away!