Porto Rafael


This special corner of Sardinia holds a lot of memories for many of the residents and visitors that have enjoyed this little piece of heaven over the years. The Spanish founder, Rafael Neville, arrived in the 1960s and fell in love with the colour of the sea, the wonderful Mediterranean vegetation and amazing granite rock formations that are dotted along the coast. With his unique style and flair, a picture postcard sea-level square was designed and built with whitewashed houses encircling the piazza and access straight on to a little sandy beach with a couple of wooden jetties .


A wonderful and flamboyant character, Rafael filled the village with like minded people and his parties were unforgettable and often ran for days!

Such style was lost when he sadly died in the late 90’s but he left the wonderful gift of Porto Rafael to the locals and to those visitors who have been lucky enough to discover it over the last 60 years.

Here he is with one of his closest friends, Lady Maureen. I am off to buy a large hat and some dark glasses!