Perfect Pappa al Pomodoro

Ian’s favourite Tuscan starter. Pappa al Pomodoro is simply a taste explosion and is so easy and cheap to make. The initial peeling of the tomatoes is the perfect holiday job and most of the ingredients will probably be found right at your villa.


600g Ripe tomatoes – tinned tomatoes will do if no fresh ones available

Handful of Basil

Handful of Sage – not in the traditional Tuscan recipe but we add it.

150g one-day-old bread

Salt and Pepper

Vegetable stock and olive oil- as much as required


Step One:

Dunk the tomatoes into boiling water for 1 minutes after having scored the skins. Take them out and peel and deseed. Fun job for kids. Discard of skin and pips

Step Two:

Fry off garlic briefly – add the flesh of the tomatoes, chopped roughly, and olive oil. Season and throw in the sage and basil leaves.

Step Three:

Add stock to keep wet. Simmer for approximately 40 mins to allow the flavours to sink in.

Step Four:

Drizzle of oil and gobble it down, sit back and dream of Tuscany