New super tomato being grown in Tuscany

Researchers at the University of Pisa have been working on a new variety of tomato, dubbed the ‘super-tomato’, which is far healthier than the regular tomato.

Super healthy tomato grown near our hotels in Tuscany with Essential Italy

Certain microorganisms have been used to help grow the tomato, creating a symbiosis called mycorrhiza, resulting in the tomatoes containing far more minerals and nutrients which are healthy for a human diet. Higher levels of zinc, phosphates, lycopene, potassium and calcium were reported in these new plants compared to traditionally cultured tomatoes, making them an extremely healthy food.

As well as being incredibly healthy, the tomatoes will also be more environmentally sustainable, due to needing fewer fertilisers and pesticides while they are grown.

Cultivation of these plants is set to grow at a rapid pace, with over 10,000 being planted in Tuscany this year, and 70,000 set to be planted next year.

Tomatoes are a staple of Italian cuisine, and these new tomatoes could well be making their way into Italian dishes over the next few years, improving the nutrition of the entire country. If you’d like to sample the country’s delicious home-grown tomatoes, as well as other delicious food from the well-loved Tuscan cuisine, take a look at our hotels in Tuscany and enjoy the best food you’ve ever tasted right in the heartland of the country.

Image: photon_de, available under Creative Commons