Explore the snowy mountains and hidden caves of Tuscany

Beautiful Tuscany has lots to offer its visitors but sometimes we just want to step outside of the norm and explore those natural, hidden delights. With this in mind why not journey to the north of Tuscany and explore the wonders that lie before you?

Hilly landscapes near our luxury villas in Tuscany

The Apuan Alps

With a spectacular view from the mountains the Apuan Alps offer a distinct landscape covered in snow even throughout the summer season. Defined as a tranquil place to visit, the Apuan Alps give you ample opportunity to explore the allure of the sea and the beauty of the scenery away from the bustle of central Tuscany.

Apuan Alps - mountains near our luxury villas in Tuscany

The Antro del Corchia

Located around 860 meters above sea level, the Antro del Corchia hosts some of the most widespread caverns and ravines in the world. Stretching around 70km underground, with an altitude difference of over 1200 meters, the recent, accidental discovery of these glorious caverns are open to tourists wishing to marvel in the wonder of Tuscany’s pristine cliffs.

Antro del Corcia - underground caves near our luxury villas in Tuscany

For information about tours going to and exploring the Antro del Corchia go to:  http://www.turismo.intoscana.it/site/en/itineraries/Antro-del-Corchia-Cave-System/

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Image: Aske HolstCea+, Tobias Helfrich, available via Creative Commons