Italy ranks highly for tourism in Europe

A new report from the Geneva-based World Economic Forum has ranked Italy eighth in the world and sixth in Europe for travel and tourism, a testament to the country’s enduring popularity as a top holiday destination.

Hills and vineyard countryside scene in Tuscany – another reason to visit with Essential Italy

It ranked particularly highly for its culture and history, gaining high praise of its culture and entertainment, as well as its natural tourism. The report also cited Italy as ‘excellent’ for tourism services, as well as reliable in both their health and hygiene services.

Italy is also the fifth most-visited country in the world, meaning that it remains a highly-popular place to visit for tourists all around the world. Its rich ancient history has made it a place of interest for many, with other reasons tourists visit this wonderful country including the stunning and diverse scenery found across the land, from its coastline to its volcanic mountains, the variety of cultures found within each region and city, and the delicious food, combining fresh local produce through traditional recipes.

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Image: Francesco Sgroi, available under Creative Commons