Italy celebrates Republic Day

One of the most important days on the Italian calendar, Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica in Italian), was celebrated by the entire country on Tuesday in true Italian style.

Frecce Tricolori celebrating Republic Day in Italy

Republic Day stems from the incredibly important events of 1946, when the entire country voted to abolish the monarchy after the trials the country faced following the Second World War and the oppression of the fascist Mussolini regime.

The main celebrations took place in Rome, where a military parade, memorials and speeches took place, with President Sergio Mattarella paying a tribute to the country’s soldiers who have served and are serving in war zones across the world.

The day was rounded off with a performance from the award-winning air display team Frecce Tricolori, the Tricolour Arrows, who used green, white and red smoke to paint the national flag in the sky.

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