Italian Foods that You need to Try this Easter

It should come as no surprise that, this Easter, Italian’s will be celebrating the religious holiday by indulging in some of the most incredible cuisines. A country that is synonymous with food, the rich, sumptuous flavours of some of their dishes is set to mesmerise you, especially over this coming weekend as the locals prepare to celebrate Easter.

A traditional Easter spread with eggs, rabbits and chickens

As a country that is largely Catholic, this weekend, you can expect to experience a number of traditions that are unique to Easter. Following the story of the resurrection of Christ, the way in which the event is celebrated will vary from region to region, with slight differences even being apparent from town to town! One thing which will remain the same no matter your location in Italy, however, is their love of food and the dishes that you can expect to tuck into this weekend.



While lamb is a popular choice for roast dinners, it is also one of the dishes of choice over in Italy on Easter weekend. Although Easter Monday isn’t usually celebrated over here in the UK, Lunedi dell’Agnello, or Lamb Monday, takes place all over Italy. Eating lamb over the course of Easter weekend is one of the most sacred traditions and has been strongly rooted in history, with lambs popping up in some of the most famous artworks in the country.

Dependent on whereabouts you are in the country, the way in which the meat is prepared will vary. However, the meat-fed lamb, also known as Agnello da Latte, is the most popular cut of choice. This meat is often as young as four weeks old and has been fed solely by the milk of their mother. As a result of this, the lambs are tiny and typically weigh less than 20 lbs.



Across Italy, it is standard for Italian’s to refrain from eating meat over lent, opting for fish instead. For devout Catholics, it is typical for them to not eat meat whatsoever during the 40 days of Lent. However, for those who struggle to prevent tucking into their favourite foods, they will instead simply opt to eat only fish on Fridays.



In Italy, the Colomba, or Colomba di Pasqua, is a traditional cake that is made each year at Easter. A hybrid of the Christmas panettone and pandoro, the cake is rich yet incredibly light and fluffy, which makes it a delight to eat. Unlike the Christmas alternatives, it swaps out the raisins which you would usually find in favour of candied peel. Typically shaped into the shape of a dove, representing the Holy Spirit announcing the reconciliation between God and man, it is made by mixing a combination of flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and butter. Despite it sounding like an easy recipe, most people will opt to buy this from the store, providing a quick an easy dessert to enjoy.



Another traditional Easter offering is the Casatiello. Dating back as far as the 17th century, the rustic dish is a slight variation on the standard loaf of bread that you may be used to. Typically, this is created the day after Easter Sunday as a way to use up the remaining meats and cheeses, incorporating them into a bread which can be easily transported to an Easter Monday picnic, which is a traditional custom that takes place across the country.


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