Helen’s 5 favourite dishes in Umbria


Castagnaccio by Faenzi.

Zuppa di lenticchi – lentil soup seasoned with sage, garlic and spooned over lightly toasted slices of bread, with a drop of olive oil.

Torta al testo – baked, sponge like dish made out of flour, milk, cheese (can be more than one kind). Slices eaten plain or with different kinds of prosciutto, salami, etc.

Agnello al tartufo nero – rack of lamb, first marinated and then cooked in a pot over a low fire and then sprinkled with black truffles. Delicious.

Anguilla in umido – eels seasoned with parsley, garlic, white wine and cooked over a low fire. Very tasty.

Castagnaccio – a thin tart made of chestnut flour, pine nuts, sugar, fennel seeds. A wonderful desert.