Five Stunning Lakes to Visit in Tuscany

Discover the natural beauty of the stunning and idyllic Tuscany. Lakes are often tranquil, uncrowded and are arguably the true hidden gems of Italy. Cool down and enjoy a day at the freshwater oasis, or watch the sunset surrounded by exquisite views, rolling hills and flourishing gardens,  the perfect place to relax on your well-deserved holiday.

Pink flamingo which can be spotted near our Italian Villas.

Lake Bilancino

Lake Bilancino is the largest artificial lake in Tuscany, although, you wouldn’t realise it is man-made as the spectacular setting and luscious surroundings will take your breath away! It is situated close to Florence, just a short drive from the bustle of the city. Lake Bilancino offers relaxation and a family friendly place to enjoy the day. Paddle boats are available to hire if you want to explore the lake further. The water is usually hotter than the sea and a great temperature to cool yourself down if you fancy a swim. Nearby is the WWF nature reserve which is worth a visit while you are in the area. Depending on the time of year you may see a range of migratory birds including; pink flamingos, mallards, storks and cranes.
Raised walkway and reeds near our Italian Villas.

Lake Massaciuccoli

Lake Massaciuccoli is the name of both the town and the lake. There is evidence of the Roman history dotted around the town; you will find historic Roman floors and thermal baths. The town is situated on the wetlands that surround the lake, making the water in walking distance from anywhere in the town. The lake is surrounded by reeds and extensive, deep grasslands; there are raised walkways and signs that lead you through and over the wetland. The rolling hills, picturesque town and clear water provides an idyllic place to unwind.

Lake Chiusi

Lake Chiusi is along the border that is shared with Umbria. It sits between dramatic hillsides and is an unspoilt and protected area of natural beauty. There are large wooden jetty’s which allow you to sit on top of the water without getting wet and makes for a great picnic spot. Although, if you would like someone to cook the authentic and rustic Italian food for you whilst absorbing the view, there are a choice of lakeside restaurants offering the delicacies from Tuscany. Fishing is allowed with a licence which you can get from the local tourist information centre, and there are plenty of fish to be caught! Get away from the large crowds to relish the privacy and stillness of Lake Chiusi.

Lake Burano

The coastline lagoon, Lake Burano is a coastal salt pond. It is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a long stretch of sand dunes. It has been nicknamed a ‘natural Disneyland’ due to its sheer beauty. You can take a guided tour of the area which covers a flat and manageable distance and informs you about the rare plants and animals that can be found there. In spring, the gorgeous Rock Roses create a flower carpet marvel. The lake, situated a short distance from the sea, has crystal clear blue waters and is a fantastic place for a walk.

Lake and hills near our Italian Villas

Lake Vagli

Lake Vagli supports a diverse and rich range of wildlife, it is surrounded by hills and there are walking trails for all abilities, which can easily be explored. The lake was formed in 1941 after a dam was put in place downstream, this caused the area to fill with water which is now used as a water reserve for the area. The lake has been emptied four times since 1941 and when this happens, a depopulated village, referred to as the ‘ghost village’ is revealed. The residents of the village were rehoused nearby when the dam was installed, but the ruins of the buildings remain at the bottom of the lake.

The mild climate, beautiful towns, great food and untouched natural beauty in Tuscany contribute to an amazing place for a holiday. Visiting one of the stunning lakes on your break make a fantastic alternative to the busy seaside spots. Take a look at our selection of holiday villas in Tuscany with a pool, so you can start planning your next lakeside adventure.