Everyday Bag Essentials While on Holiday

The planning process of your holiday can be a combination of exciting and stressful, with the latter proving especially true if you’re unorganised! With your holiday impending, it is essential that you begin to sort out your suitcase and belongings with plenty of time to see if there are any added extras that you may need to purchase before departing. If organisation isn’t your strong point, writing a list of all the important items that you wish to take with you will give you something to reference when packing and will be extremely handy because of this!

A woman’s suitcase packed for her holiday to Italy

While the contents of your suitcase will vary from person to person depending on the type of holiday you’re going on, the handbag essentials will remain similar in most circumstances. For those of you who are travelling with young family members, you will need to bring with you the necessary items that you use in daily life; just because you’re going to a new location it doesn’t mean that your baby will no longer need nappies or their bottle!


Here at Essential Italy, we aim to make sure that you have the best holiday possible. With an extensive range of holiday accommodation, including villas in Sardinia and hotels in Puglia, you will find the perfect property for your group. In addition to us sourcing the most luxurious villas for you to relax and unwind in, we have also handpicked each of the locations on our website as we believe that they are destinations not to be missed! So, once your accommodation has been picked and your daydreams about your dream Italian holiday destination have begun, take a look at our helpful guide to packing your bag below to find out what you need to bring with you!


A portable phone charger

When you’re out and about, having access to a mobile phone is vital. However, after using the map on your device all day, your battery may begin to drain. Having a portable phone charger on hand will ensure that you’re never left without the security that your phone provides you! In addition to this, if you’re travelling long distances with little ones, this can provide some extra power to any of their electronics, such as an iPad. So, download one of their favourite films and allow them to watch while you navigate the winding Italian roads.

A suitcase in an airport


Suncream is crucial; there is nothing worse than ruining the first day of your holiday by forgetting to apply a generous layer, and your freshly burnt skin will leave you in a considerable amount of pain over the subsequent days! Carrying a travel-sized bottle of suncream with a high SPF will make sure that you burn as little as possible, and is important if there are children travelling with you. Picking a suncream with an SPF of 30 or 50 offers you the best chance of protection from the harsh UV rays, so not only are you protecting yourself in the present, but also preventing any longer lasting skin damage in the future.



If you’re visiting Italy in the summer, the chances are that you’ll be fortunate enough to experience some sun. However, sometimes the heat can cause you to get dehydrated, and if you’re out for the day, perhaps on a hike or basking in the sun on the beach, then you’ll want some water on hand to quench your thirst.



This is something to consider if you’re planning on undertaking a long walk or hike. When on holiday, you can be tempted to wear new shoes which you have yet to break in. However, this can lead to pesky blisters that have the ability to put a downer on your day! Keeping a pack of plasters handy, whether normal or specifically catered towards blisters, ensures that you can pop one over the troublesome area and continue with your day!

A man with a backpack when in Italy


Your skin isn’t the only thing that the sun can damage. In fact, sunglasses are a necessity if you’re going to be spending time outside when it is sunny as the UV rays can also penetrate your eyes. If you forget these at home, you can pick some up while on your trip inexpensively, although you should bear in mind that cheaper options often don’t provide much protection.



This is a no-brainer, but keeping cash in the currency is something that you should not leave your holiday accommodation without. Whether you’re popping out for a couple of hours or are planning a day-long excursion, having some money on hand will give you peace of mind in case you run into any trouble throughout the day.