How can travelling benefit your health and well-being?

We all know that feeling of relief that washes over you the moment you enter your villa in Italy, knowing that the holiday officially starts here. If you needed another reason to book a holiday this year, then pick one of these six, as a vacation really is good for your health and well-being.

inspirational travel quote Ibn Battuta

1. Stress relief

One of the benefits that we can all be sure of is that a good holiday relieves you of the a stresses of daily life. It allows you to factor in some well-earned ‘me’ time, whether that is taken sat by your private pool or sipping cocktails by the sea, it helps your body to finally relax and let go of those negative thoughts. It is important to engage in stress-relieving activities on a regular basis to keep your body and mind healthy, this will in turn help you to be more productive at work and at home creating a happier environment overall! It has been proven that up to 80% of holidayers feel almost completely de-stressed after just two days on holiday! This means that even the shortest of breaks will do you a whole world of good!

2. Mental health

Embarking on leisure activities such as holidays can help to reduce the chances of depression and improve psychological functioning. This has been proved by many studies, and although this many not prevent depression all together, taking a trip can certainly help. Ensure that on your vacation you engage in activities that offer you enjoyment and offer a sense of freedom to get the best of the benefits. Taking time to read a book, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the time spent with your friends and family will help to trigger the happy senses in your brain.

3. Changes perspective

When travelling to a different destination, you come into contact with different cultures and ways of life; this opens your mind up to the world before you, and can often change your perspective on life. The tiny things that may usually stress you out may soon become insignificant when you realise how lucky you are with your friends, family and the opportunities you are all given. Whether you change your perspective on a challenge you thought you wouldn’t manage, or see your family in a new light, a change of perspective can give you a fresh insight to help you make changes in your life for the better. As the traveling quote about says: “travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

4. Enhances creativity

Travelling certainly enhances your creativity. If you are suffering from ‘writers block’ or something similar, a trip away could help you to find a more creative solution to a problem. It particularly helps if you travel to a destination with remarkable beauty such as Italy, where there is inspiration and beauty just waiting to be found around each and every corner. The smallest of tasks such as watching a sunset could inspire you to take on a new challenge.

5. Lets the happy endorphins run free

New experiences, beautiful sights and anything else that brings a smile to your face brings out the happy endorphins in your body. These are also released when you partake in exercise, so a simply walk on Italy’s iconic coastline can give your body an endorphin boost and help your body to heal itself and be happy! The new sites not only activate these happy feelings, but also create stronger antibodies due to the different environment, which in turn gives your immune system a boost!

6. Keeps the mind sharp

Challenges and new experiences force the brain to use new parts that may have never been touched before. Regularly experiencing challenging situations can better equip your brain to solve problems and deal with issues before they reach the point of negative impact. Experiencing new cultures and destinations will certainly prove a challenge, from language barriers to unknown paths and new foods, but these will all benefit your brain and body in the long-term. This can also help the positive benefits to last longer once you return.