Why Autunno in Barbagia Should be on Your Must-see List This Autumn

There are a plethora of reasons why you should consider visiting Sardinia in autumn; the mild climate, the crimson leaves on the trees and the quieter streets just to name a few. Although the beaches may be more peaceful, providing you with the perfect sanctuary for your family holiday, it is mainland Sardinia that is the real star of the show.
A street in Sardinia in Autumn

Each autumn, the heart of Sardinia celebrates the changing of the seasons. The mountainous terrain of Barbagia comes alive for the autumn in Barbagia festival. The event takes place from the start of September through to December, providing both the local community and other countries to participate in the festivities.

Over the course of the event, Sardinians flock to the streets to show off their artistic flair, with villages opening the doors to the local museums, art studios and heritage sites to visitors. Street fairs offer you the chance to sample some delicious local cuisine in addition to craft demonstrations taking place, accompanied by music which continues into the early hours.

There is much more to do in the central region of Sardinia however, and although the autumn festival is a brilliant way to immerse you and your family in some traditional Sardinian culture, visiting during the winter months also offers perks that are only available off-season.

When not in peak season, direct flight access to Sardinia is reduced. However, short flights with a stopover in mainland Italy are just as enjoyable and manageable with young children. In addition to this, a lot of the tourist coastal locations reduce their opening hours after September ends, making way for the colder months and the reduced footfall. It is because of this that central Sardinia remains a secure option for those wishing to visit the area post-summer season.

The wild terrain of central Sardinia is a stark contrast to the white, sandy beaches at the coast. The deep valleys and gorges that are scattered amongst the mountains offer stunning scenery out over the region, with the wonderful waterfalls and enchanting springs providing you and your family with the perfect place to explore.

In addition to their being a reduced amount of tourist-focused options food during the autumnal months, one of the benefits of visiting the area once the temperature starts to drop is being able to experience a variety of unique cuisine, thanks to the country’s seasonal produce. Renowned for some of its gastronomy, throughout October and into November, traditional winter Sardinian dishes begin to make their way onto the menus of local restaurants and eateries. Sample some of the finest handmade pasta and cheeses before sipping on local wine.

If you’ve ever visited Sardinia in autumn, we would love to hear about it, so reach out to us on our social channels and let us know why you picked an off-season trip! Or, if you’re tempted to visit Autunno in Barbagia over the next couple of months, why don’t you take a look at some of the beautiful Italian apartments that we have on offer here at Essential Italy?