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The Ultimate Guide to Winter Packing

If you’re planning on swapping the drizzle and downpours of Britain to experience your first winter trip to Italy, then you are sure to have a magical trip unlike any other. From the snow-covered peaks of the Alpines to the enchanting Christmas markets, the coming months have never been a better time to visit the country.

A bag all packed for a winter holiday


4 Things to Do in The Stunning City of Palermo

Sicily is known to be a relaxed and slow-paced island, just off the toe of the boot of Italy, but for a sample of urban city life on the historical island, a visit to the vibrant and unique Palermo is a must for your holiday itinerary. Considering the island is separated from the mainland by just a slither of ocean, the two destinations couldn’t feel further apart, with variations in culture, food, language, celebrations and history, a holiday to Palermo will be enriching and full of surprises.

Palatine Chapel, Palermo.