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10 fascinating facts about Sicily

Sicily is a cultural hub with a rich history spanning over centuries. With sweeping scenery, breathtaking buildings, interesting architecture and a captivating community, there are a host of reasons why Sicily is the place for you to visit! With a completely different atmosphere to mainland Italy, a visit to the island offers you a wealth of things to experience when staying in one of our villas in Sicily with a pool. Find out a few interesting facts below!

People in the sea off the coast of Sicily


The Ultimate Guide to Italian Cheeses

In Britain, cheese is bought by over 98% of households, with around 700,000 tonnes being eaten at home, in restaurants and in processed food each year. As part of a nation that has a deep love for the milk-based produce, the sheer amount of cheese that we eat per annum should not come as a surprise. However, it is still significantly lower than our European counterparts who indulge in almost twice the amount that we do!

Italian cheese on a pizza