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Hidden treasures of Sicily

Whether it’s the mouth-watering cuisine, sandy beaches, fascinating historical sites or breath-taking scenery, there is something for everyone in Sicily. The iconic and famous tourist attractions will always excite the many holiday makers who journey to the island in the Mediterranean, but sometimes it’s just as fun heading off the beaten track and seeking out the hidden treasures.

hidden treasures near Sicily luxury hotels


The ultimate guide to Palermo: Italian capital of culture 2018

The Sicilian capital city of Palermo has been named “Italian Capital of Culture 2018”, beating the likes of Alghero, Montebelluna and Recanati to achieve this prestigious recognition. This title will last for one year, and the economic benefits it is set to receive will help to carry out initiatives within the city, which was also recently crowned the Capital of Young People 2017. So, if you’re interested in culture or are young, (in body or in heart!) then you may want to consider the increasingly popular location of Palermo for your holiday destination in 2017. We have an extensive range of family villas in Sicily for you to check out for the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation and exploring during your time in Palermo. We’ve put together a guide of what to look out for during your time here, as well as things to do, see, eat and drink.

Fantastic sight-seeing opportunities near our family villas in Sicily