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7 days in Sicily – A week in series

7 days in Sicily is the second instalment of our series of blogs. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and at just under 10,000 square miles it packs a huge variety of fascinations, making it an attractive destination for a holiday. The climate is typically warmer than mainland Italy and the summer season is usually much longer, giving you more time to soak up the hot sun and embrace the charms of the island. The diversity of experiences that can be gained while you are there will leave you feeling cultured and relaxed; there are captivating reminders of ancient civilisations around every corner, shimmering turquoise seas, a delicious mix of Mediterranean and Italian flavours; ranging from traditional dishes to modern fusion foods. The citrusy, strong smell of lemon trees will follow you across the island, and the olives might possibly be the best you will ever taste.


7 days in Sicily


The best beaches in Sicily

The beaches in Sicily are considered to be some of the best in Mediterranean and make for the perfect day out destinations when staying at our family villas in Sicily. From the long stretches of golden sandy beaches to the pebbled coves and also the striking volcanic shoes, they are not only beautiful beaches but also geologically fascinating coastal destinations. What’s best, is that even in the height of summer, you can still find a relatively deserted beach to enjoy with your family, if you just know where to look!

stunning beaches near our family villas in Sicily