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SARDINIA with Essential Italy

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and actually situated closer to Africa than Italy, its white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters can rival the tropics. The interior of the island is equally stunning, from spectacular granite peaks to citrus groves and rolling pastures.

Explore Sardinia with Essential Italy

Sardinia has a fascinating history and has been ruled by countless nations, leading to a strong island identity and pride. Much of the economy is based around tourism and local produce – cheese (especially pecorino and smoked ricotta) and wine being our personal favourites.

Whether you’re a couple looking for an idyllic hideaway, a family or group of friends looking for a typical Sardinian retreat, we can offer some of the best beachfront or country villas in Sardinia, as well as ideally located town apartments and intimate hotels.

Towns and Cities in Sardinia

The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari in the south east of the island, a town full of history and culture. On the north west coast, Alghero is a charming town with an ancient port. On the north east coast the main town is Olbia, gateway to the stunning Costa Smeralda, with its white sandy beaches, super yachts, exclusive hotels and celebrity lifestyle. Inland, the town of Nuoro maintains a very traditional feel and is rarely visited by tourists, for whom the principle draw is the coastline. Essential Italy’s stunning Sardinia villas, apartments and hotels are spread throughout the region and will provide you with the perfect base to explore this beautiful and fascinating island.

Sardinia Countryside

Sardinia is world famous for its stunning beaches and crystal clear water. The inland scenery is extremely rugged and mountainous. Many visitors to the island who rent coastal villas in Sardinia never venture inland and miss out on some of the most spectacular scenery the island has to offer; the granite rocks have been shaped and moulded by the wind and rain into amazing peaks and gorges. There are many ruins from the Nuragic civilization, which dates back to 1500 BC, and Sardinia boasts the oldest building in Italy, dating back to pre-historic times.

Sardinia’s Beaches

The beaches of Sardinia are considered some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. A number of Essential Italy’s Sardinia villas are located near long sandy beaches or tiny coves bathed by the clear emerald waters. The most well known coastline is the Costa Smeralda, which stretches some 20 kilometres from Olbia to the northern point; in the summer months the jet-set head to Porto Cervo on their luxury yachts. The archipelago of La Maddelena is a protected National Park, and the beaches take another step towards paradise. A boat trip around the islands is an unmissable and unforgettable experience.

Food and Wine of Sardinia

Our villas in Sardinia provide you with the opportunity to experience the local culture, in particular the local cuisine, which is based around meat, grain and cheese. Suckling pig and wild boar are roasted on a spit or stewed with beans and vegetables and thickened with bread. In the coastal resorts, fresh fish is in abundance; sea urchins are a speciality served with pasta. Cheese from Sardinia is exported throughout the world, and the pecorino is a must try when on the island. For the brave hearted, try Casu Marzu, a soft cheese with live larvae! The classic Sardinian white wine is made with the Vermentino grape and is a crisp and dry tipple. The most popular red variety is Cannonau, which is predominant in the north of the island.

Whether your stay is in one of our secluded beachfront villas in Sardinia, an apartment or a hotel, our local representatives will happily recommend the best local restaurants.

Sardinia Secrets – Off the beaten track

We have over 25 years of experience in Sardinia and our knowledge is second to none. Porto Rafael, overlooking the Arcipelago di la Maddalena, is one of our favourite destinations. You should certainly consider a stay in one of our Sardinia villas located near this unique village, which is the perfect combination of style, relaxed atmosphere and life on the sea front. Here the glitz and glamour of Porto Cervo is understated and life revolves around the small beaches, bars and sailing. The spectacular weathered rocks and sea of the Costa Serena draw us back time after time, and those looking for a more active holiday can try out the variety of the water sports on offer at Porto Pollo. For dinner prepared the traditional Sardinian way, we recommend the local agriturismo.

Many travel to this region to stay in our authentic villas in Sardinia; they offer endless opportunities to relax and unwind on the sandy beaches, swim in the emerald sea, take a tranquil stroll, and enjoy the simple pleasures of passing time with family and friends over a long lunch.

Holiday accommodation in Sardinia

At Essential Italy we pride ourselves on finding the best Sardinia villas, apartments and hotels. We have visited all the properties on our website, and stayed in many. Regardless of which of our beautiful villas in Sardinia you choose, our pre-departure information includes all the local information you’ll need to guide you to its hidden corners and point you in the right direction of the perfect local restaurant or bar.

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