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Masseria Trapaná  Surbo, Lecce, Puglia

Stylish and elegant masseria in the Salento region of Puglia.

Masseria Trapaná

As you step through the huge and ancient wooden doors into the central courtyard of Masseria Trapaná you immediately realise that this restoration has been carried out with love, passion and wonderful style. The honey coloured stone blends perfectly into the modern styled interiors and the mix of traditional Pugliese architecture and far eastern touches make all the suites and communal spaces ideal spots in which to relax and chill out.

The gardens that surround the central Masseria have been carefully planned and with only 9 rooms every guest will easily have space to themselves and a variety of hidden corners. The large pool is set away from the main house and its walled garden make it the perfect place to enjoy a swim of a hearty snooze on the oversize sun loungers. Orange, lemon and plum trees abound and you will never be short of some shade in which to read a book in.

The staff are locals and are always on hand in a professional and yet friendly way to give you advice, pour you a drink or tell you what is on the menu tonight. The restaurant offers the best of Pugliese – local, traditional and fresh.

The suites are all delightful and the design was centred on the light coming in and the small private gardens that many of them have: in fact many have private bathtubs in the garden as well as the internal walk-in showers.

Located in the midst of the unique olive groves of Puglia Masseria Trapaná is also ideally situated to explore the region. The stunning Baroque town of Lecce is only about 15 minutes away by car and the coast is only 10 minutes away. Further afield many of Puglia’s jewels are within easy reach – Ostuni, Otranto, Val d’Itria and Gallipoli. Your day trips will be all the sweeter safe in the knowledge that you will return to this corner of Pugliese paradise.