Daniela’s 5 favourite dishes in Sicily


Caponata by Kate Pugh.

Pasta alla Norma – pasta (usually penne) with fresh tomato sauce, fried aubergines, basil and grated salted ricotta cheese on top.

Pasta con le Sarde – pasta with fresh sardines, wild fennel, anchovies, onions, raisins and pine kernels plus topped with toasted breadcrumbs.

Caponata – sort of ratatouille with peppers, aubergines, fine sliced onions, capers, a few olives, tomato sauce and a bit of sweet and sour sauce added at the end (to make the sweet and sour sauce – stir some sugar into some balsamic vinegar and once blended, add more sugar until it tastes sweet).

Melanzane alla Parmigiana – layers of fried aubergines with tomato sauce and cheese and then cooked in the oven.

Cannolo di ricotta – delicious crunchy pastries filled with creamy sweetened ricotta cheese – a ‘must’ to sample.